Monday, March 21, 2011

Simple Beige Sheath Dress a la Kate Spade & Breaking Dawn

I'm a fan of simple and elegant clothing with a timeless look. I came across this Kate Spade Lola dress that retails for $325 that I love, but is a bit out of my budget, but I found a similar one from Boscov's for $80. These dresses also look similar to one Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan wore while filming some street scenes in Brazil for Breaking Dawn.
Kate Spade Lola for $325
Kristen Stewart wearing a similar dress while filming Breaking Dawn
(I believe it was a custom dress made by the film's costumer)
Cheaper option from Boscov's for $80--the Sharagano dress
(I'm a bit bummed the smallest it comes in is a six--largest size is 10)
To get the look closer to the Kate Spade or Bella Swan dress, you can swap out the belt for one like this from Steve Madden for $24
(This one is the closer option in my opinion)
Or this one from Asos for $8

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