Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Non Fashion Pimpage--Fashionistas Are Smart Too!

I recently bought a Barnes and Noble Nook (did thorough research of Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, Kindle, Kobo, etc.). I found that the Nook had the most format flexibility and the most positive reviews from several sites such as The most expensive version just went down in price from $260 to $199. I'm thoroughly pleased with my purchase. See! Us fashion slaves are smarties as well. Hee! It has the same E-Ink technology as the Kindle, but you can read PDFs and Epub files on it. You can also lend books to other Nook users. If your public library allows, you can borrow books from them as well. About the only thing you can't read on it is Kindle format books (you can get books from, B&N, Google Books, etc.). There are many free eBook sites (not just Gutenberg linked here) for the classics where you can get them for free. There are work-arounds for Kindle format books if you search the Net, but you didn't hear about that from me. (All I care about is that you bought the book legit, thus giving the author his/her due.)

The thing that steered me away from the Sony Reader is that it does not have wi-fi abilities so you can only transfer books to the device from your computer and there were complaints of glare. The iPad, although an amazing device, is mainly a tablet computer and is still back-lit which can cause eye strain. The Nook and Kindle have the E-Ink technology which makes it seem like you are literally looking at a book while reading and you don't strain your eyes.

The Nook I bought has wi-fi and 3G capability. Basically, if you have the 3G ability, you can download books, magazines, or newspapers anywhere there is AT&T coverage (you do not need to be an AT&T customer or have a plan to use this feature). You can also read any book for free for up to an hour in any B&N store. It's very easy on the eyes and eBooks are much cheaper than the hardcopy and it saves trees. No, I'm not a tree hugger, but I like to do my part. Like the Kindle, it holds around 1500 books. You can also upload pictures, music and audiobooks on your Nook as well. By the way, they have Free Fridays where they let you download a book for free each Friday. You never know. You might find a fav new author from this.

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