Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sandra's Flood Relief Concert Look

By request of Nikki, here is Sandra Bullock's black ensemble from the June 22 Nashville Rising: A Benefit Concert for Flood Recovery for less. Sandra is a regular fashion stunner and very rarely looks less than stylish. You'll have to forgive me for not knowing the labels for the jeans and shoes (top is Robert Rodriguez). These are the closest matches I could find after a painstaking search.

Sandra with Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Look a-likes for her top:

If you're willing to do without the white polka dot pattern and go all black (you'll be channeling Johnny Cash), this Spiegel bateau neck tunic is a good option for $14.

Michael Kors top for $69 at Zappos is another option:

Possible matches for the pants/jeans (I'm thinking hers are denim):

From WhiteHouseBlackMarket for $50
Non denim alternative from Ann Taylor for $58:

For the shoes, here is a possible pair (had trouble finding a metallic version like SB's):
Jessica Simpson 'Annetty' from

PS: If you haven't seen "The Blind Side," go rent it now. It's made of awesome.

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  1. OMG! I'm IN love. No lies :)

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!