Monday, June 21, 2010

Reese's Chic Black Dress Look

The always fashionable Reese Witherspoon (my girl crush) was out and about in LA earlier this month and looked fab in this sleek and elegant look:

Here are some ways to get this look:

Zara dress ($60)
Another option from for $100:

And we can't forget the accessories!

Promiscuous brand platform sandals at Zappos for $63
Or these by Calvin Klein for $79.38 (also from Zappos)
These sunglasses by Fossil (also from Zappos) for $35 can help complete the look
(I tend to spend even less on sunglasses since I'm very hard on mine and have found great deals at shops such as Claire's or Target for shades.)

I found this over-sized black handbag from Target (they actually have a wide selection online) for $30:

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