Monday, June 14, 2010


I have a love-hate relationship with bangs/fringe. My poor hubby is always wary when I trim them, but voila! There is a solution! I bought Jessica Simpson's Hair Do clip in bangs in Chestnut and am extremely pleased. I trimmed them myself (I have hair clipping scissors which I use to trim my ends--got my scissors at Target), and during the Christmas holiday, my sister (my bff who could spot fakes a mile away) thought I cut my bangs. She is a former hairstylist/nail tech who has a 6th sense about such things. If she thought I cut my bangs, trust me, these must be quality.

You can buy them online through Ulta (the chestnut worked for my dark brown), but you might be better off going to the store and checking it out in person. This Jessica/Ken Paves line also has longer clip in extensions which (from my amateur eye appear high quality) seem really cool. Here is a code to get a discount from Ulta: 50116 ($10 off over an order of $60)--not sure when it expires.

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